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To Be Ambitious or Not to Be

Being ambitious is a great way of making life more fruitful and exciting. Alas, most of us turn societal expectations into our ambitions. Are we mindful about the root of our ambition, about the trade-offs we make to achieve the ambition and about when to become content. Let’s stop looking at life as a linear…

Satvic Diet Made Me Appreciate Food – An Underestimated Medicine

What is a Satvic diet A Satvic diet mostly consists of food that is straight from mother nature with minimal human interference. That implies, complete elimination of packaged food, processed/refined food, dairy products, meat, oil, sugar and harsh spices. Also, no onion or garlic because they are tamasik in nature. The diet includes food that…

Do You Fear Slipping Into Being A Boring Adult?

Remember those all-night parties and how you still managed to make it to work the next day? I do. They haven’t taken much toll on my health back then. But they do now.

This Is Why I Hate Instagram Addicts

If the cost of a social media addiction is a real relationship, is it worth it? Not a bit. And this is why I hate Instagram addicts.

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