7 Indoor Plants That You Can Grow Effortlessly

I started experimenting with indoor plants for a year now and I’ve learnt a lot from then. Most of the plants that I bought randomly for the first 2 months have not survived for long. I never understood what went wrong, I tried altering the watering frequency and sunlight exposure but some plants survived and some didn’t.

Thereafter, I started doing a lot of research and found that each indoor plant has a different requirement in every aspect. I noted down the conditions required for each plant and treated each plant differently from then. Eventually, the plants started thriving and today, I have around 15 well-growing plants in my house. In this post, I have articulated whatever I learnt out of my experience. These are some of the low maintenance plants, I suggest for the beginners.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ) plant

Indoor plant : Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ) plant
Indoor plant : Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ) plant

This is my favourite plant that I have put in my room and it is known to be one of the best air purifier. It has beautiful thick and shiny leaves which stay the same way for months with the lowest maintenance. Its growth conditions are very simple:

Low or indirect light

– Water 1 to 2 times a week, only after checking if the soil is dry

Do not overwater

Snake plant

Indoor plant : Snake plant
Indoor plant : Snake plant

This is my second favourite, as it is impossible to kill this plant. This is the only plant which survived in my house even after so much experimenting. It survives almost in any condition, bright sunlight, low light, over-water or forget watering, the plant handles it. This plant is also best known for its air-purifying characteristic. Conditions for the snake plant to do its best:

Grows best in medium to bright light, but also survives in low light

Water only whenever the soil is dry

Dieffenbachia / Dumb canes

Indoor plant :  Dieffenbachia / Dumb canes
Indoor plant : Dieffenbachia / Dumb canes

I have 2 different variety of Dumb cane plants and they are doing pretty good. The best feature of this plant is, they look very pretty and fulfilling in the house. A few conditions for the plant to do its best:

Strictly do not over-water

Filtered/indirect sunlight in necessary

Keep rotating the plant once in a while for sunlight distribution, or it tends to bend towards the sunlight

Soil should be moist, but very little water is enough. Once in 4 days is ideal

Aglaonema / Chinese evergreens

indoor plant : Aglaonema / Chinese evergreens
Indoor plant : Aglaonema / Chinese evergreens

I love the unique look of these plants amongst the other house plants, as they come in great combinations of colours like pink and red combined with green. They serve as the best decorative plants to pop up some colour in your living room. A few conditions include:

Low to medium light

Keep the soil moist at all times

Well draining soil is preferable

Average to high humidity

Tulasi/Holy Basil

Indoor/outdoor plant : Holy Basil
Indoor/outdoor plant : Holy Basil

Tulasi or the Holy Basil plant is considered as a goddess in many Hindu houses. Also, consumption of the leaves of this plant is known to contribute to several health benefits. It is usually seen outdoors, but my Tulasi plant grows perfectly well indoors(close to a glass window) as well. A few conditions to keep in mind are:

Abundant sunlight is necessary

Watering every day is necessary

Areca palm

Indoor plant : Palm
Indoor plant : Palm

Areca palm comes in different sizes, it could be a tiny one on your study table or a big one in a spacious area of the house. This plant contributes to the majority of the greenery in my house. This plant also troubled me a little initially but after understanding its needs, it started growing amazingly well. Some of the requirements that have to be noted:

Over-watering is the major problem

Keep the soil moist

Bright but indirect sunlight is required

Water only when the soil is dry

Yellow stems mean the plant is suffering from too much sunlight

Leaves with brown tips mean, there is an issue in watering frequency

Dracaena (Dragon Tree) Plant

Indoor plant : Dracaena plant
Indoor/outdoor plant : Dracaena plant

This plant survives almost in any condition. I forget to water this plant most of the times, as it is in an unused corner of the house, however, it never lets me down. It has a stiff stem and sharp leaves which makes it look very strong. Some conditions to keep in mind:

Tolerates low light, but blooms better in indirect sunlight

Well draining soil is required

Water only when the soil is dry

Water once in week

A useful Tip: Most of the indoor plants require very less amount of water. We often tend to show too much care and over water the plants, which causes the roots to rot and eventually kills the plant.

I believe a well growing plant spreads a ton of positive vibe inside the house and hence, I strongly encourage everybody, to try and grow at least one plant in your house and see how good that feels.


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