Passion is Overrated and Trying to Find it is Unrealistic

Do you come across instances where somebody asks you “What’s your passion?” and you get stressed out in answering it? That’s alright, we are on the same boat and so are many other people.

Especially when you are young and everybody around you seems to have a ‘passion’ and they are crazy about it, It feels like something is wrong with you that you don’t have anything that you are too fascinated about. Been there! I assure you that it’s perfectly normal to not be crazy about something.

Ever since I was a teenager, in many instances, people around me asked what my passion was. I never understood what mine was. Most of my friends and cousins seemed to have one. I wondered if something is wrong with me or I am lacking something. Trying to answer that question would put me under so much pressure to come up with something. Though I didn’t really bother to find one, I just wanted something to answer.

Maybe it is the fear of being boring, that puts an undue pressure of having something that you are insanely crazy about.

The concept of ‘Finding your passion’

I always loved to write but I wrote for myself. I never showed it to anyone. Whenever my emotions came up to the brim, I used to put them down on a paper and I felt much better after doing that. I hardly even looked back at them, I might have even lost most of them. Now that I have time in my hands, I thought why not put some seriousness into it. I started working on it, improving day by day (still working on it). When I thought I was getting better, I thought why not let people read it. When my friends and family appreciated my work, then I thought why not pursue it even seriously and thereby this blog evolved. What I’m trying to say is, passion will find you, when you are just going with the flow. You don’t have to go in search of it and it’s totally okay if nothing like that happens too.

finding passion

Indeed, I don’t think the concept of ‘Finding your passion‘ really works. Everybody has some kind of a talent which comes into picture sooner or later and that could turn out into a passion, with pursuance. But if you are trying to find one, it doesn’t make any sense and you cannot even term it as passion in the first place.

Your passion is right in front of your face. If you have to look for it, then you’re probably not passionate about it at all. So screw “finding” your passion.


Passion basically means a very strong emotion or something that you are strongly interested in and enjoy doing it. So instead of focusing on trying to find your passion, just try out everything you can and eventually whatever you enjoy doing the most becomes your passion. You could also be passionate about many things at the same time. It could also be simple things like movies or food or you could just be passionate about learning or experiencing something new. Also, you don’t have to necessarily be good at what you are passionate about.

There is nothing wrong in doing a 9 to 5 job

Some people turn their passion into a career and that’s great. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will love their jobs 24/7. There will be a lot of tedious and mundane work that has to be done around a passionate job too. It is not as rosy as it sounds.


In fact, I think the term passion is overrated. You might have a passion or you might not. That is totally fine. You might find it sometime in your life or never, even that is ok. You might follow your passion and turn it into your career or you might just enjoy it in your leisure time. That is also totally okay. It is also possible that you might lose interest in your passion after pursuing it a few years. That is okay too. There is no need to struggle to stick around one single passion forever, then it loses the purpose. It is not your passion anymore and that is okay too. Passion is not a plan, it is a feeling and feelings change. It need not be a singular obsession.

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