How To Work From Home Efficiently During Lockdown

Struggling to be productive while working from home during the lockdown? Here are a few tips that could go a long way in helping you work more efficiently.

1. Set up an Efficient Workspace

work from home workspace

# Let the air flow

It is totally understandable that you want to sit in an air-conditioned room during this hot summer. However, staying inside a closed space and working for long hours, affects your mental health. Since you are at home the whole time, it is necessary that you shuffle the air inside out every now and then for the oxygen to flow.

# Sit near a window

work from home near a window

Sitting near a window or even better in front of a window, not only keeps you away from the distractions in the house but also lets the natural light fall in, which can actually boost your wellbeing and productivity. Also, be it any view around your house, looking outside the window once in some time helps you relieve stress. Natural light also reduces the burden on your eyes keeping you safe from headache and migraine.

# Ergonomic set up

Making sure that you are working in the right posture, keeping the ergonomic conditions in mind is really really important, to boost your productivity when you are working for long hours. To learn more about correcting your posture for maximum efficiency check this article. 10 Ergonomic Dos and Don’ts for working from home.

# Props to induce positivity

work from home positive quotes to work

There is a lot of possibility of feeling low and getting demotivated to work when you are working from home alone. There is no harm in placing a few things around you to boost the positive vide around you. It could be anything like a small plant, a motivational quote, an hourglass or whatever works for you.

# Move outdoors if possible

work from home outdoors

If you are lucky enough to have a good balcony or a porch or a backyard, make use of it now. Shift your workspace outdoors and see how much difference it makes. Change of place, especially outdoors boosts a lot of energy which in turn motivates you to work better.

2. Do not neglect your physical health

I know it is difficult to maintain your physical fitness now than ever, as you cannot hit the gym or play sports or do any outdoor activities. However, it is also important to maintain it now than ever. It is quite common to feel lazy and lethargic during this time as you are constantly at home at the same place. Nevertheless, some simple and quick techniques will help you stay active throughout the day.

# Move every half an hour

Sitting at your desk for a long time could start with minor short-term effects leading to serious long-term effects. Sitting continuously

– Reduces your energy expenditure causing minimum calorie burn and a slower metabolism.
– Leads to a bad posture which could put pressure on your lower back causing disc compressions and also stiffens your shoulders and neck.
– Could cause more serious issues like Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, diabetes, heart problems, anxiety in the long term.

Therefore, getting up and moving away from your desk every 30 minutes is extremely important for your body.

# Keep healthy snacks accessible

It is normal to crave for snacks when you are at home all day. Trying to stop the urge to snack is a bit difficult, especially when you have grocery bought chips and cookies at your reach.

work from home healthy snacks

To avoid this, firstly stop buying the harmfully processed food now. Prepare and keep some healthy snacks in such a way that they are accessible whenever you crave to munch something. Roasted nuts, seeds, fruit slices, boiled eggs, carrots, coconut flakes etc are some of the easy snacking options.

# Stretch before you start the day

A stretching routine every morning before you start your day, will make an enormous difference in how your day goes. It helps in warming up those muscles, improving the blood flow, relieving the stress, correcting the posture thereby reducing the tension in the back and shoulders, basically preparing you for the rest of the day.

Stretch every morning before you work from home

Of course, it is even better if you can work out and burn some calories before you start the desk work. There are a number of free apps that can guide you with great work out sessions. Check out some of the best home workout apps .

# Cut down on excess carbs

Having a heavy lunch or breakfast can make you lethargic to work, especially when you are at home where your bed is easily accessible at any time. (The) want to sleep and (the) need to work collide, disturbing your productivity.

Cutting down on excess carbs, by reducing the quantity of rice or roti and increasing the quantity of veggies and fruits in your meal helps you feel more active and energetic to work efficiently.

3. Make peace with yourself

Needless to say, your mental health is as important as your physical health, especially during the lockdown. Staying indoors at a stretch for so many hours without stepping out could affect you mentally. However, there are also a few positive aspects of this duration to keep in mind. Anyways, a few tips to keep up your mental health could help you along.

# Follow the morning routine

Work from bed

I know it is very tempting, to get up late, have a cup of coffee and jump into work from your bed, as there is essentially no need to get ready before you start work. This is undoubtedly a bad practice that affects your productivity.

Follow your morning routine, as if you were going to the office. Take a shower, have a wholesome breakfast, and finish the basic chores before you sit down for work. This way your subconscious mind comprehends that you are ready to work and thereby increases your efficiency to work.

# Make a to-do list

Now that you don’t have a fixed time to work, there is a huge possibility that your work gets spread throughout the day. Even worst, it might even spread to the weekends. To avoid this, make a day to day To-do list of things you have to work on and make sure to finish them the same day instead of pushing it to the next day. In this way, your work doesn’t get accumulated for the weekend.

# Schedule time for other activities

Make a schedule, allotting time for household chores, lunch, walk, Tv and so on, before you start the day. This will allow your mind to focus on work, rather than wondering about the leftover tasks.

# Take an actual lunch break

Take a 30 to 40 minute break to have a peaceful lunch stepping away from your work desk. Sitting in front of the work laptop while having lunch is a terrible idea. Taking this essential break relieves the work stress and your mind is refreshed once you get back.

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